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Pacific Rim National Park Washroom Buildings
Bid Form available June 28, 2017

Work of this Contract comprises the demolition of existing and construction of new of the following: .1 Two (2) washroom/shower buildings at Pacific Rim Green Point Campground, 2039 Pacific Rim Highway, Ucluelet, B.C. Work is comprised of tasks listed in Section 01 11 55 item 1.2.1. .2 One (1) washroom/change room building at Incinerator Rock .3 One (1) washroom/change room building at Wickaninnish Beach .4 Two (2) washroom/change room buildings at Long Beach North and South Location. Estimated Value $4.2 M to 4.8M.
Construction of an Immigration Holding Centre
Bid Form available: July 18, 2017
Work under this Contract comprises, but is not limited to, the provision of all labour, materials, services and equipment necessary for the construction of Immigration Holding Centre at 13130 76th Avenue, Surrey, BC.
Estimated value $22.5M to 23.5M
Esquimalt Graving Dock - South Jetty Reconstruction
Bid Form available July 3, 2017

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) requires the reconstruction of the previously demolished South Jetty at the Esquimalt Graving Dock (EGD) facility located in Constance Cove of Esquimalt Harbour on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Estimated value is $50-55M.
Richmond Hospital - South Tower - Domestic Water Re-Pipe Project
Bid Form available June 20, 2017

Installation of new domestic cold, domestic hot and domestic hot water recirculation piping serving Richmond general hospital (RGH) South Tower. The existing domestic water systems shall remain operational during the installation of the new piping systems. After existing domestic water system is decommissioned, all existing piping shall be abandoned and labeled in place.
Nichola Valley Health Centre - MER Emergency Department
Bid Form available June 16, 2017

New building, approximately 400 square meters, single story, slab on grade addition to NVH. As well, renovation to approximately 100 square meters of the existing ED area consisting of: Clean Supply/Utility Room, Soiled Utility Room and Central Equipment Garage. Construction budget in the range of $1-5M.
Office Relocation Osoyoos Port of Entry (POE)
Bid Form available June 16, 2017

Tenant Fit Out and energy upgrade work at the Osoyoos Port of Entry POE at 202 – 97th Street, Osoyoos, BC, including civil work in the exterior parking area as fully described in the Tender Documents. Estimated value is $2.2M.
Surrey Memorial Hospital Renal Expansion Project
Bid Form available June 9, 2017

Interior renovation of 206m2 Renal Expansion- HD Phase 1. The scope of work includes partial demolition of interior partitions, flooring and ceiling and installation of new equipment, partition walls, doors and frames, ceilings, flooring, interior finishes and mechanical and electrical systems.
Richmond Hospital - South Tower - Elevator Modernization/Upgrade Project
Bid Form available June 2, 2017

The Richmond South Tower Elevators will be undergoing a modernization project to replace and upgrade the critical parts of the elevator including the equipment and controls to improve the efficiency, safety, and reliability.
Richmond Hospital - Minoru Residence - Elevator Upgrade/Renewal Project
Bid Form available May 30, 2017

The Minoru Elevators will be undergoing a modernization project to replace and upgrade the critical parts of the elevator including the equipment and controls to improve the efficiency, safety, and reliability.
Vancouver General Hospital - Data Centre UPS Relocation
Bid Form available May 23, 2017

This project is for the Data Centre Relocation and UPS project. It is a precursor to the grand OR Renewal project and consists of relocating the current UPS rooms and Data Centre support rooms from the east end of the Data Centre on JPN3, to the east end.
Vancouver General Hospital - Psychiatric Assessment Unit (PAU) Renovation
Bid Form available May 18, 2017

This Invitation to Tender is being issued by the Health Organization to address the areas most in need of improvement in the Psychiatric Assessment Unit (PAU).
Richmond Hospital - North Tower Bedroom/Washroom Project
Bid Form available May 8, 2017

Renovation of patient bedrooms, washrooms, and shower rooms. Construction scope includes demolition of existing walls, replacement of wall protection, painting, new flooring, drywall, plumbing fixtures, sink counters, window coverings, and mechanical and electrical revisions.
Chilliwack General Hospital - Remedial Work of Menholm Building
Bid Form available May 2, 2017

Removal and replacement of exterior cladding and glazing systems, with minor mechanical and electrical upgrades.
Lions Gate Hospital Atrium Project
Bid Form available April 27, 2017

VCH proposes the phased renewal of the existing lobby at Lions Gate Hospital. This project includes a new stair & skylights, as well as associated renovations to the related areas on the basement, first and second floors of the Northern Expansion Building.
UBC Hospital - MRI Infrastructure Upgrade
Bid Form available April 13, 2017

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) wishes to upgrade the infrastructure of the existing MRI equipment in the 1977 Purdy Pavilion Hospital Building at the UBC Hospital.
Trail Regional Airport - Terminal Building
Bid Form available March 20, 2017

To construct the Trail Airport Terminal Building Constructed under a General Contract which includes a Pre-Engineered Building Package supplied and installed by Pacific Apex in direct contract with the General Contractor. Estimated value $2.3M to $2.5M.
St. Paul's Hospital EP Lab Equipment/Upgrade
Bid Form available March 14, 2017

The construction will include selective demolition of existing walls to accommodate a new control room, computer equipment room, and renovated procedure room. The scope will also include the installation of two ceiling mounted booms, one equipment and one anesthesia.
Vernon Multi-Use Facility Expansion
Bid Form available March 1, 2017

Construction of an additional ice surface at the existing Kal Tire Place in Vernon. The structure will be non-combustible construction, a combination of steel and concrete suspended slab columns and walls with infill CMU. Work includes exterior finishes, a new HVAC system, civil work, and removal and relocation of existsing subsurface drainage. Budget is $11.5M.
BC Cancer Agency - Patient & Family Experience Renovation - 5th Floor
Bid Form available February 25, 2017

Construction of the redesigned section of the RH Mammography Dept. to allow for future expansion. Renovations in the Mammography Reception / Waiting Area, Change Rooms, and associated Accessible Washroom to improve storage, patient and staff access, confidentiality, flow and aesthetics.
Delta Hospital Lab & Medical Imaging Expansion Project
Bid Form available February 13, 2017

This Invitation to Tender is being issued by the Health Organization for Delta Hospital Lab & Medical Imaging Expansion Project. General Contractors in the Health Organization Pre-Qualification Range for Acute Care for more than $5M.
Children's & Women's Health Centre of BC - Patient Collection Area Renovation
Bid Form available January 9, 2017

This Invitation to Tender is being issued by the Health Organization for renovations to the blood collection area at C&W. it includes new exam rooms, larger waiting rooms and a more confidential intake area for patients.
Vancouver General Hospital - JP Pavilion Rehabilitation Space Renovation
Bid Form available January 3, 2017

The VGH campus is completely out of useable space. The pool area remains unused since the opening of JP and is it essential to convert this prime location into useable space. The goal is to in-fill pool in JP Rehab area, lower ceilings, complete electrical work, build walls to make area suitable for meetings/lectures/video conferencing for Administration use.
Mission Community Health Centre Renovations
Bid Form available Dec 13, 2016

Reconfigure the existing space and fit out the shell spaces on the 3 levels in the Mission Community Health Center facility. Work includes demolition, new partitions, doors, acoustic separation upgrade, flooring, ceiling, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, lighting, fire alarm, etc.
St. Pauls Hospital Cooling Tower Replacement Project
Bid Form available December 6, 2016

2 existing undersized and failing cooling towers require replacement with two 850 Ton cooling towers sufficient to meet the present cooling loads required. Associated work will include new supporting steel frame with isolators and seismic snubbers.
Royal Columbian Hospital Interim Heliport Project
Bid Form available Dec 6, 2016

New heliport structure located on the roof othe Columbia Tower of Royal Columbian Hospital. Supported by the existing rooftop enclosure for mechanical equipment, it will be connected to two of the hospitals existing exit stairwells.
Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre
Bid Form available November 29, 2016

New standalone aquatics facility. The scope of work includes: site work, structural steel, cast in place concrete, masonry, steel studs. Significant finishing trades include ceramic tiles to floors, walls, and pool tanks, and entrance systems.
Vancouver General Hospital Heliport Elevator Modernization Project
Bid Form available November 28, 2016

Heliport Elevator Modernization project will provide an increased reliability of the elevators 1 and 5 servicing the VGH Helipad. Elevators to be replaced with new equipment and the cab interiors will be refreshed with new finishes and ceilings.
PHSA BC Children's & Women's Health Centre AC Project
Bid Form available November 29, 2016

Upgrade server room cooling at Children's and Women's hospital to increase cooling capacity and efficiency for the server rooms by removing and replacing existing cooling units in three separate server rooms at Children's and Women's hospital.
VCH Cedarview Emergency Generator and Distribution Upgrade
Bid Form available November 21, 2016

Replace existing emergency generator located in basement electrical room with new packaged emergency generator with enclosure placed on pad in parking lot. This involves site work for concrete pad and new conduits from pad to electrical room.
Sechelt Hospital Expansion - Phase III
Bid Form available October 17th, 2016

Invitation to Tender for the renovation the existing Sechelt Hospital South Tower to allow for a new Ambulatory Care Unit, 13 Bed Inpatient Unit, Seismic Upgrade, and window replacement. Sechelt Hospital will be operational during the entire project.
Institute of Ocean Sciences (Sidney) - Float Replacement
Bid Form available October 13th, 2016

Demolishing and removal of existing floats, piles, gangways and other marine works as required for the construction. Fabrication and installation of steel pipe piles, concrete float, vehicular ramp, timber floats, and gangways including related Mechanical and Electrical work.
Vancouver General Hospital - CP2 Demolition Project
Bid Form available October 11th, 2016

Demolition of the existing space and services in the north wing of CP Level 2 is required in order to create an open space for the relocation of CESEI program. The CP2 demolition project features three components: architectural, mechanical and electrical.
UBC Hospital - Purdy Sleep Disorders Renovation
Bid Form available October 4th, 2016

The project will combine the UBC Hospital sleep lab and sleep clinic, currently located on separate floors of Koerner Pavilion, into a consolidated Sleep Disorders unit in Purdy Pavilion ground floor. A new innovative operating model will have the unit open 24 hours a day, with the daytime exam rooms converting into sleep rooms for nighttime studies
Richmond Hospital - Electrical Distr. & Standby Power Generation Upgrade
Bid Form available September 13, 2016

This Project is intended to replace and upgrade the Hospital’s electrical distribution and emergency power generation infrastructure. The work includes a new BC Hydro 12 kV underground service, a new electrical service building, building renovations to the South Power Plant (SPP), North Power Plant (NPP), and Westminster Healthcare Centre (WHC). 
Trail Riverfront Centre
Bid Form available August 24, 2016
Work of this contract is comprised of the construction of a two story structure which will house the Trail Library and Heritage Centre.
Lions Gate Hospital - Outpatient Care Center Reno Project
Bid Form available August 16, 2016

The Project consists of the selective demolition and the renovations and new Work at the Ground Floor Level of the Northern Expansion Building’s Facilities & Services at Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC to accommodate the Outpatient Care Centre. The work will be required to be carried out in two (2) phases.
Lions Gate Hospital - Hope Center Concurrent Disorders Unit
Bid Form available July 18, 2016

Improvements to the third floor of the existing Hope Centre building at Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, to provide a 10,000sqft 10-bed concurrent disorders inpatient unit for youth aged 13-18.
CRA Relocation Fit-UP
Bid Form available June 30, 2016
Work under this Contract covers general tenant improvement, new interior construction to two floors, whole 7th Floor and part of 8th Floor at 401 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Estimated Value - $3.5M
Gillis House - MCG Washrooms & Fire Sprinklers
Bid Form available June 13, 2016

Gillis House residential care facility in Merrit, BC. Renovation of 17 washrooms to enlarge doors to washroom and patient rooms, barrier free access, and ceiling lift track extensions. Replacing of current fire sprinkler systems with a modern wet fire system. Budget ranges from $430-530k.
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital - Electrical Energy Centre
Bid Form available June 7, 2016

A new Electrical Energy Centre is proposed to be built to increase the amount of normal and emergency power available to the NRGH campus. A 436 sq.m. single storey, post disaster designed building will be constructed to contain three new 1.4MW generators, new transformers and switchgear.
BC Women's Hospital - Urgent Care Centre Project
Bid Form available May 13, 2016

Work of this Contract comprises demolition, general construction and interior finishing for BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, located at 4490 Oak Street, Vancouver BC and identified as BC Women’s Hospital Urgent Care Centre.
Royal Jubilee Hospital Pharmacy - Medication Packaging Hub
Bid Form available May 10, 2016

The Project involves the renovation of an existing area in Royal Jubilee Hospital to accommodate a New Pharmacy and Medication Packaging Hub and provide the related workspace, office and storage areas. Also includes the addition of a Structural Mezzanine Area and related Mechanical and Electrical changes and re-distribution for the entire New Pharmacy Area.
Royal Columbian Hospital - UPS Upgrade
Bid Form available April 18, 2016

Invitation to Tender issued by the Health Organization for addition of one UPS to serve the hospital. UPS to be located in room B148 on a new concrete housekeeping pad. A/C split unit to be installed; roof work required. Electrical work to occur over 4 levels.
Ecole Lac Des Bois - Phase 2 Boiler Upgrade
Bid Form available April 4, 2016

The project consists of Phase 2 of the provision and installation of a new boiler system and associated equipment, ductwork, piping, controls and power wiring, and renovation or removal of existing systems and equipment.
Esquimalt Graving Dock - South Substation Switchgear Replacement
Bid Form available March 16, 2016

Work comprises, but is not limited, the provision of all labour, materials, services and equipment necessary for the new South side and interior reconfiguration of existing substation, electrical duct bank and cabling, and civil work as fulyl described in the Tender Documents.
St. Paul's Hospital Energy Retrofits Project
Bid Form available Febraury 19, 2016

Invitation to Tender issued by the Health Organization for implementation of several Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). The work will cover HVAC equipment, HVAC controls, and domestic water systems for ECMs 1A, 2,3 &4.
UBC Hospital Koerner Pavilion Renovations
Bid Form available January 26, 2016

Renovations to UBC Hospital - Koerner Pavilion in order to consolidate UBC Cardiovascular programs. Majority of project to be mechanical/electrical upgrades (new sinks, improved lighting; corridors, consolidation of power/data – patient reference grounding) and Architectural finishes.
North Landing Wharf Electrical Supply Esquimalt Graving Dock
Bid Form available January 26, 2016

Comprises installation of a concrete encased ductbank, electrical and pumpstation vaults, new 25kV cable from SES to XNLWS, 3 duplex pump control systems. All electrical and associated civil works at the Esquimalt Graving Dock. Budget: $5.5 - 6M
Linac Unit, 2, 6 & 7 Replacement for BC Cancer Agency Project, Vancouver
Bid Form available January 4, 2016

No description available.
REACH Community Health Centre
Bid Form available January 4, 2016

A complete renovation with addition to the existing REACH community health centre with structural and seismic upgrade, envelope replacement, and all interior finishes upgrade with a new elevator installation. Estimated Value: $3.5M

List of Closed Projects for 2015

  • Vancouver Cancer Centre Unit #5 - VERO RT Unit Installation Project
  • Polaris Montessori Elementary Addition & Renovation
  • St. Paul's Hospital HLI Heart and Lung Registries Project
  • Creston Valley Hospital Emergency Dept. Renovation
  • Royal Inland Hospital CT Scanner Room Renovation
  • Mechanical & Electrical System Upgrade, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre
  • BC Children's Hospital EOS Radiology Equipment Installation Project
  • Children & Women's Health Centre - Wellness Walkway Project
  • St. Paul's Hospital Water Re-pipe Project
  • Richmond Hospital, Electrical Distribution & Standby Power Generation Upgrade Project
  • Vancouver Island Pharmacy, Renovation Project
  • Cariboo Memorial Hospital, Mammography / Rad Fluoro System / Secure Room
  • Esquimalt Graving Dock, Electrical SVC Upgrade
  • Esquimalt Graving Dock, Refurbish Main Dewatering Pumps
  • Vancouver General Hospital, Pharmacy Regional Production Centre Project
  • Royal Jubilee Hospital, Boiler House Addition
  • Royal Columbian Hospital, RFQ for redevelopment
  • BC Hydro Victoria Operations Facility
  • UBC Okanagan, Arts Building Renovation
  • Ministry of Transportation, Fort Nelson Bridge Replacement
  • GIF HVAC Upgrades Project, Vernon
  • Stewart Port of Entry Redevelopment
  • Mount St. Joseph (MSJ) Hospital Endoscopy Processing Suite Renovation
  • Renovations to West Highlands Park Clubhouse, 1185 Links Way, Kamloops
  • UBCH Koerner HVAC Upgrade Project
  • Lions Gate Hospital Outpatient Phase 1 Tenant Improvement Project
  • General Contractors for Mount St. Joseph Hospital Water Re-Pipe Project
  • VGH ICU Renovation Private Suite (Teck Suite & Teck North)
  • Langley Memorial Hospital Electric Upgrade Phase 2 Project
  • Golden Hospital Development of Isolation Room in Emergency
  • Pleasant Camp Port of Entry, BC - Construction Services
  • General Contractors for GF Strong Elevator Modernization
  • PGH Cooling Tower & Chiller Replacement - 6115010 and SOG Chiller Replacement - 6115012
  • VGH Rehabilitation Services Relocation, Renal Expansion & Reverse Osmosis Loop & Plant Room
  • BCCA SAHCSI Pharmacy Renovation Project