Building Act Guide Updated

From: OHCS Building & Safety Standards Branch OHCS:EX []
Sent: June-23-16 3:17 PM
Subject: New Information about the Building Act - Industry Stakeholders

Dear Industry Stakeholders:

I write to advise that the Province has posted two new sections of the Building Act Guide online (

  • Section B1: What Local Governments Need to Know about the Building Act; and
  • Appendix to B1: Changes for Local Governments Under Section 5 of the Building Act.

The Building Act Guide provides information about the Building Act for stakeholders, and is being prepared in sections as the regulations are developed and sections of the Act come into force.

Building Act Guide Section B1 explains how local governments will be affected by the three main changes the Building Act introduces. The Appendix provides detailed information about the changes (under section 5 of the Act) to local government authority to set technical building requirements by bylaw in their jurisdictions. The Appendix describes the Province’s initial list of unrestricted matters—meaning matters for which local governments have authority to enact technical building requirements by bylaw. Additional items may be added to the unrestricted list at a later date. A third guide will be available soon to explain how local governments can apply for a variation to provincial building regulations under section 7 of the Act.

If you have questions about the Building Act or its implementation, please see the Building Act website ( or contact Dale Andersson in the Building and Safety Standards Branch at

Please share this information as appropriate with others in your organization.


Jarrett Hutchinson
Acting Executive Director
Building and Safety Standards Branch



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