Posting a Private, Invitation-Only Project

Sometimes General Contractors want to keep projects private. By private, we mean they want to personally invite their chosen trade contractors and suppliers to bid and not have it listed publicly in BidCentral. Well now, they can. BidCentral allows for General Contractors to create projects and invite their selected trades all while keeping the project private – but still in BidCentral. The advantage here, is trade contractors are already using BidCentral to search for public projects. This allows the construction industry to have one login, one password for all public, private and by-invitation only projects. The General posting the project is in control the entire time and dictates who is invited and can access the project documents. General Contractors that are members of the construction associations are able to post projects into BidCentral for free. Trades that are also members, can view them from free too.

How to Access the Planroom

An account with BidCentral provides you with access to BC’s Largest online construction bidding platform. As a public user, you are able to view details on every publicly funded project. With an enhanced subscription, users can view all public projects as well as the privately funded and all of the information listed about the project including the documents and bid instructions. Tired of searching through all the available projects? All users can create an opportunity matching profile. BidCentral will send you updates and projects that match your profile. If you are an electrician in Prince George, we will notify you of all the jobs that fit your division in your area.

Get Started

Posting a Public Project

Public owners and their consultants can post projects in BidCentral in less than 15 minutes. These projects are made available to every BidCentral user. Owners also have the option to simultaneously post to BC Bid, linking the project opportunities together. Need to update the project information? Update it once, and have it automatically updated in BidCentral and BC Bid. The owner remains in control of their project the entire time. They can track who has viewed their project and downloaded documents. Owners self publishing have all BidCentral features available to them. Online Bid Submissions, E-Bonding, Document distribution, prequalification, submittal management. Issue an addenda once, it goes to to BidCentral, BC Bid and all registered planholders. Any public owner or their consultant can post a project in BidCentral.