• Permits: Permit information will be available for active construction related Permits through the Project Search Stage = Permit. We’ve started with Greater Vancouver but will be expanding continually through the coming weeks.
  • Multi-Select Folders and Files individually for Download: You can now select one, many or all files to download.
  • Default Zone for Opportunity Matching: Daily Emails, Dashboard and Project Search results will be based on your preferred Zone(s) (set up under Account, Edit Company Profile, Section 9).
  • Closing time: This has been added in to the Project Search results.
  • Stage in Project Search criteria allows multiple selection: You can now search for more than one Stage at a time (eg. Open + Prebid + Permits). Tip: If you leave field blank (click x on the word “Open” to remove), you will search All stages.
  • Funding type: This has been added in Project Search and is multi-select.
  • Overall speed enhancements for the platform

Reminder: Please press Control+F5 if you do not see these enhancements. This will clear your cache and the new features will appear.