How to – Project View & Document Download

Q: Once I’ve found a project I like, how do I access it?

After you have completed your search, you can access the project by double-clicking on the row or by clicking on the eye symbol on the right.

Q: How can I access the project documents?

A: Once you have loaded the project, you will see a tab across the top called Documents & Addendas. If your account has Premium or Enterprise access, you will be able to download and view the documents for the project.

Once you select that tab, you’ll see a list of the files and folders for that project.

You can download the files individually, select multiple files or click on the Download All button to download all the files at once.

For more information on how to access projects documents, check out this helpful video:

Q: What is the “Bidders & Contacts” list?

On the Bidders & Contacts section of a project, we will display a list of all the relevant contacts that are pertaining to the project. These include architects, consultants, known plan holders, confirmed bidders, and more.

Q: How can I share a project quickly with someone?

A: When you’re in a project, you’ll see a blue button in the top right hand corner of the screen that says “Share Project”. When you click on this button, it will automatically copy the link to the project onto your computer’s clipboard. From there, you can paste the link wherever you like (email, social media, instant messenger). Tip: Control-V will ‘paste’ the link to your email/message.

For more information on how to share a project, check out this helpful video:

Q: How do I know where to submit my bid?

A: Depending on the project, it will vary. Some projects will have a web-based online bidding platform. In those cases, there will be a link to click on that is located under Project Details -> Submit Bids To

If there is not a link listed there, most likely the instructions on how to submit your bid will be located in the tender documents located under Documents & Addendas

Q: Where do I go to view addendas?

A: Once you have loaded the project up, look at the Documents and Addendas tab. Typically you will find a folder called Addendas and you’ll be able to see the date that the file was uploaded.

Q: What does the Follow button do?

A: The green Follow button in the top right-hand corner of each project allows you to receive notifications for any updates that happen. It also adds the project on your dashboard so you can access it easier.

For more information on how to follow a project, please click here:

Q: What is the “I’m Bidding” button?

A: You can use the “I’m Bidding” button to indicate that you are interested / bidding on a project. Once in a project, click “I’m Bidding” and select  whether you are a GC, Trade Contractor, or Manufacturer / Supplier.

After that you can chose to either display your contact information or your company’s contact information. If you select ‘company’, ensure that your company profile has all of the correct contact information, including company email address.

Once you indicate that you’re bidding, it will also ask you if you want to follow the project. This box is checked by default. This will ensure that you receive email notifications of addendas and other updates to the project.