Permit 37688: Building Permit – Vancouver – General Office


Permit ID: 37688
Date Added: 2024-06-15
Location: Vancouver
Category: General Office
Permit Type: Addition / Alteration
Project Value: $65000
Location Address:
107 E 3RD AVENUE, Vancouver, BC V5T 1C7
Building Contractor:
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Additional Details:
Field Review – Addition / Alteration – #701 – 7th floor (full floor tenant) Interior alterations to provide a First Tenant Improvement to an existing full floor office (shell) on the 7th floor (#701) in this existing commercial building on this site. Scope of work: construct partition walls, glazing, doors, washroom upgrade, new kitchen, millwork, lighting, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler work. OK for Office TI per J. Zhang June 5, 2023 Building Sprinklered – Separate sprinkler permit required for proposed sprinkler work. Energy checklist is currently no longer required with your Building Permit (BP) application. Some supporting documents are still required at BP stage, specifically Envelope and HVAC, if applicable. Service Water Heating and Lighting supporting documents, if applicable, must be submitted with your related trades permits (e.g. electrical and plumbing).

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