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  1. Where can I find the most recent Rules of Procedure for BidCentral Online Bidding for Subcontractors (BOBS)?
    The Rules of Procedure can be found at:
  2. Are we required to include work of another Section that is referenced in the specification for the Section of work we are bidding?
    Refer to Rule 3. C. Bid Content and Rule Clarification 6.0 – the short answer is that you are not required to include ‘Related Work’ as defined in Part 1 of a Specification. However, you are required to include the work of other Sections where they are referenced in the other parts of the specification such as Part 2 Materials/Products and 3.0 Execution; except those items covered by the Appendix A, Standard Exclusions.
  3. If we are required to include something that is in our specification that is not usually part of the scope of work of our trade, and which is not a Standard Exclusion, what should we do to have this work excluded?
    You should contact the BOBS Administrator to request a clarification.
  4. Do the Appendix A, Standard Exclusions override the scope of work in the Specifications?
    Yes. In many project documents there are references to the specification not being considered as the method by which the work is divided among the Subcontractors (Example CCDC, General Condition, 1.1.6). Hence, most Bidding Authorities do not expect that they need to amend specifications to align with industry standards for trade scopes of work.
  5. What is the requirement for us to include Alternative/Separate/Unit Prices that appear only in our Section/Division of work or on the drawings but are not required to be provided on the General Contractor’s bid form?
    Refer to Rule 3.C. (iii) and (iv). You are required to include only those required by the General Contactors as defined by the Rules. However, if there some you have identified that are not on the online bid form you should contact the BOBS Administrator to request a clarification.
  6. What are the requirements for me to include cash allowances or stipulated sums that are included only in my Section/Division of work?
    Refer to Rule 3. C. (vi). The online bid form usually allows you to define whether you have or have not included a cash allowance. However, under the BOBS Rules if it is specified only in your Section or Division of work, or you are instructed to include it, then you are required to include it in your bid. Therefore, if you are required to included it and you did not the General Contractor can assign you the cash allowance to you. They must add the value of the cash allowance to your contract amount but they are not required to pay you any markup to carry the cash allowance; that markup should have been part of the bid.
  7. How can we qualify our bid?
    You cannot qualify a bid. It must be as per the BOBS Rules of Procedure; include the work specified in the Sections/Divisions you are bidding except excluding the Appendix A, Standard Exclusions. If by some means you qualify a bid you can be disqualified. See also Question 3.
  8. Am I required to provide a Consent of Surety for BOBS?
    Consent of Surety is not required as consent is included in the wording for the Bid Bond, Rule Appendix C.
  9. What are the requirements for a contract between a Trade Contractor and the General Contractor?
    Refer to Rules 3.C. (xiii) and 4.C. (vi). General Contactors subject to the use of CCA 1 or as amended by mutual agreement. General Contactors must contract with the Trade Contractor they have selected through their bid submission, the BOBS system or in the absence of naming a bidder, the lowest compliant bidder as defined by the BOBS Rules.
  10. We want to bid different prices to the GCs, can we do that and if so how do we do that?
    Refer to Rule 3.C. (viii) The online bid form allows you to select which General Contractors you are bidding to. Hence, you create a draft for each General Contractor or General Contractors you want to give a different price. You then create another draft for the other General Contractor or General Contractors you want to give other pricing. Bidders pay only one bid submission fee no matter how many different prices they wish to provide.
  11. After BOBS closing what are the time considerations for us to withdraw our bid?
    Refer to Rule 3.D. You may withdraw your bid up to 1 day prior to the General Contactors closing through the online system. You must pay an initial $500 fee but are subject to additional fees if you withdraw more than once within a one year period.
  12. What are our requirements for bonding?
    Refer to Rule 3. F.. Unless the project documents state otherwise any BOBS Bid over $100,000 is required to have a bond. The $100,000 value is determined by the total value of work you are bidding in all the Sections/Divisions of work being bid and including any Alternate/Separate Prices. Digitally signed and sealed Bid Bonds must be provided online through the requirements of the online system and must be digitally signed and sealed by the person in your company authorized to do so. Refer to the requirements here.
  13. We made a bond application and we have been informed by email that the bond is available; however, when we go into the project file the bond is not there. What should we do?
    Keep in mind that the login you used for the bond application is the login that you need to use to access the bond. Someone may use the Bid Transfer tool to send you the bond if need be. If the wrong login isn’t the root of the problem then go into the ‘Clear History’ on your computer, clear your ‘Cache’ and attempt to access the bond again. And if all that doesn’t work, contact the BOBS Administrator.
  14. We paid for the submission of a bid and then decided not to bid, will our fees be refunded?
    Yes, any Trade Contractor who pays and doesn’t submit a bid will be refunded. Any General Contractor who advises the Regional BOBS Administrator prior to the BOBS closing will be refunded their fees. General Contractors may also go online into the BOBS Bid Module and remove their ‘Intention to Bid’ up to two days prior to the BOBS closing.
  15. We ran out of time and were not able to submit our bid. Is there some other way we can submit?
    Refer to Rule 7.B.(ii). Bids are accepted only online and will not be accepted by any other means regardless of the circumstances.
  16. After the project has closed may we see the prices of our competitors?
    Refer to Rule 5. C. (v). Prices are not available from BOBS immediately after the closing they are only available to the bidders of a Section/Division of work after the Prime Contract has been awarded. You can contact the Regional BOBS Administrator who will provide you with a PDF copy of your competitor’s bids once the contract is awarded.
  17. Are General Contractors required to select the lowest BOBS’ Bidder?
    Refer to Rule 4. C. (i). General Contractors are required to select a Bidder but not necessarily the low bidder. General Contractors who do not select a bidder are required to contract with the low bidder as defined in the Rules of Procedure.
  18. We are submitting bids for two trades – how do we do this?
    After going through the BOBS Wizard and submitting your bid for your first trade simply click on Submit a New Bid under My Bid Submissions in the BOBS menu.

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