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  1. How do I find out more details about a project?
    Once you’ve searched for opportunities and find one that’s of interest, simply click directly on the opportunity title to open the Project Sheet. Depending on your account level, this page contains pertinent information relating to the project such as the closing date and time, important contact information, site visit details (if applicable), and whether or not there are documents posted. Premium users will be able to view unlimited project information while Free users will be able to view limited data and will have the option to purchase the project documents.

  2. If I have a Free account in BidCentral, can I view and download project documents?
    A: Full (unlimited) access to view and download documents is only available to those who have a Premium account. However, there is an option to purchase an opportunity’s associated documents for a $50.00/Project fee (plus tax). TIP: If you purchase several project opportunities per year, a Premium account may be just what you’re looking for!

  3. I’m a trade contractor and have been invited to a private project. How do I access it?
    A: If you have received an invite to a private project in BidCentral, you can get started by downloading any documents associated with the opportunity. This can be done by logging in and entering the Project Key you were given to type into the Invited Project Access option on the right side of your Dashboard.

  4. Can I submit bids electronically?
    A: For some opportunities, yes. Find out more information on BidCentral Online Bidding for Subcontractors (BOBS).