PLEASE NOTE: If you are already registered for a previous project or are an E-Plan user you do not need to follow this process.

There is no fee to access the online system. However, there is a fee for the submission of bids, payable at the time of submitting your bid.

  1. To access the website go to
  2. Click on the "Obtain a login & password" link and complete the forms. Once the form is complete, click on the "Go to Login" button. If you have submitted information which is duplicated from another person in your organization, and who is already registered in BC, the administrator may need to approve you prior to allowing you access. Access will be immediate otherwise.

    Your access to BidCentral Online Bidding for Subcontractors (BOBS) will be good for a one year period. You need only re-register around the time it expires. The system will advise you on-line prior to your access registration expiring.
  3. Enter your login and password. Once you are logged in, enter the Project Key in the registration box (in the upper right of the main page after login).

    The Project Key information is available under the BidCentral Online Bidding for Subcontractors (BOBS), List of Current Projects Closing.
  4. Select "Subscribe" and then click on "Submit".
  5. Now that you have completed the registration, a blue link will appear on the left side of your main page. Click the link to view the project.
  6. To bid on the project, access the Bidding Module through the icon at the top of the page.