Release Notes

  • Permits: Permit information will be available for active construction related Permits through the Project Search Stage = Permit. We’ve started with Greater Vancouver but will be expanding continually through the coming weeks.
  • Multi-Select Folders and Files individually for Download: You can now select one, many or all files to download.
  • Default Zone for Opportunity Matching: Daily Emails, Dashboard and Project Search results will be based on your preferred Zone(s) (set up under Account, Edit Company Profile, Section 9).
  • Closing time: This has been added in to the Project Search results.
  • Stage in Project Search criteria allows multiple selection: You can now search for more than one Stage at a time (eg. Open + Prebid + Permits). Tip: If you leave field blank (click x on the word “Open” to remove), you will search All stages.
  • Funding type: This has been added in Project Search and is multi-select.
  • Overall speed enhancements for the platform

Reminder: Please press Control+F5 if you do not see these enhancements. This will clear your cache and the new features will appear.

Invitation to Bid (ITB) Enhancements

With these latest enhancements to the Invitation to Bid feature, you now enjoy the following features:

  • Address Book:
    • Add, store, and view an address book of contacts
    • Include address book contacts in you ITB
  • Know who you are inviting to bid on the project – contact name, title & email are all listed when inviting
  • Your invitation tab now lists the contacts invited from the address books and saved lists

Project Information Sheet

  • Now you can print professionally formatted project pages

Improvements to document search indexing

  • Real-time indexing of new documents – enabling keyword discovery in document searches.

Invitation to Bid:

With the Invitation to Bid (ITB) feature, you will be able to select contractors and suppliers from the BidCentral Company Directory, send the project details, and track your ITB responses for any project on BidCentral

Private Projects:

You are now able to post your own private project, host your documents, and invite sub-trades from our Directory or from your own list. All projects that you post are private and available only to you. Those contractors you invite will gain complete access to your private project details and complete documents.

*Email us at [email protected]  if you would like the Invitation to Bid and/or Private Projects features turned on for your Premium or Enterprise accounts.

Improvements to Project & Document Search:

Ability to search for keywords within documents to find specific project documents relevant to your trade or products.

“I am bidding” feature:

  • Members can say if they are “bidding” and they will appear on the bidder list and can opt in to the follower list at the same time
  • Members can choose to display their contact information or just the company information
  • Members can then say they are “not bidding”

Project search has ability to load 50 or 100 results

Ability to “opt out” of daily opportunity emails

Performance update to project view

Logo in top left is a link to the dashboard

  • Performance update for Dashboard
  • Additional Timezone information on projects
  • Improvements to overall site speed

Features coming soon…

Later 2021

  • BidCentral Company Directory –  The Directory will be free to search and all BidCentral companies will have the ability to list their business.

If you have a feature or suggestion that you would like to see on BidCentral, Click Here.