BOBS Authorized Sureties

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BOBS Rules of Procedure Rule 3.F.(i) (a) requires that Surety Companies providing Bid Bonds must be licensed to do surety business in the Province of British Columbia.

Below is a link to the insurers that are authorized through the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia, to underwrite surety insurance business in the province of British Columbia.

Please note not all companies on this list are actively writing such business in the province at this time.

Confirmation of the current status of any insurer listed, or for a surety bond issued by an entity not listed below can be obtained from the Financial Institutions Commission at (604) 953-5300 (Toll-free 1-866-206-3030) or facsimile (604) 953-5301. Confirmation of an insurer’s authorization by the Financial Institutions Commission should be forwarded to BCCA by email or facsimile at (250) 475-1078.

Insurers authorized to conduct Surety insurance business in British Columbia can be found on the Courts of BC website.

Visit the Surety Association of Canada website for more information.