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FAQs for BOBS New Platform 

These FAQs provide an overview of the BOBS platform, covering key aspects of the registration and bid submission process for both general contractors and trade contractors. 


Q1: Why is the new BOBS platform being introduced? 

  • A: The BOBS platform is being introduced to streamline the bidding process, replacing the previous system with bids&tenders. The new platform aims to provide a more intuitive and automated experience for both General Contractors (GCs) and Trade Contractors (TCs). 

Q2: What changes can General Contractors (GCs) expect on the BOBS platform? 

  • A: GCs will experience a shift to receiving bids from Trade Contractors via a secure online platform. The registration process remains similar, and the platform aims to make bid submissions more automated and user-friendly. The goal is to simplify the bidding process for GCs. 

Q3: How can General Contractors register on the BOBS platform? 

  • A: GCs can register by visiting the BidCentral homepage, accessing project listings, and launching the BOBS wizard. The registration involves selecting “General Contractor,” paying the registration fee, and using the registered email address for bid submissions. 

Q4: How can Trade Contractors (TCs) register and submit bids on the BOBS platform? 

  • A: Trade Contractors can register by launching the BOBS wizard from the BidCentral homepage, selecting “Trade Contractor,” and following the registration and submission steps. 

Q5: What happens if a TC wants to submit bids for multiple trades (e.g., electrical and mechanical)? 

  • A: TCs can submit bids for multiple trades by going through the Wizard for each trade separately. After submitting the first bid for the first trade (e.g., Electrical), click on Submit New Bid for the next trade (e.g., Mechanical) and follow the same steps. They can use the same receipt number for the registration fee (only one registration fee per project), same bond, and submit bids for different trades under the same project. 

Q6: How can Trade Contractors withdraw a bid on the BOBS platform? 

  • A: TCs can withdraw a bid within 24 hours of submission by contacting the platform administrator. There may be a fee associated with the withdrawal process. 

Q7: Will the BOBS platform be used in conjunction with bids&tenders? 

  • A: No, the BOBS platform replaces bids&tenders for BOBS bid submissions from TCs to GCs. All bidding activities for BOBS will now occur exclusively on the BOBS platform. 

Q8: Can two different individuals from the same company submit bids for different trades on the same project? 

  • A: Yes, two different individuals from the same company can submit bids for different trades on the same project. However, it’s important to note that each person’s bid submissions are independent, and one person cannot view or edit another’s bid. 



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